Quarrying – key component in Duterte’s Build Build Build ambition

Stone, being an essential component used in the construction of homes, factories, schools, hospitals and public infrastructure, makes Philippine quarries an important player in the nation’s economy, the Eastern Rizal Miner’s Association (ERMA) included.


Celebrating its 23rd Anniversary yesterday (April 4, 2019 – Thursday), ERMA under the leadership of Rapid City Realty & Development Corp. operator and owner, Angelita Lee, conducted an Emergency Preparedness and Awareness Seminar at the Ynares Event Center for all member companies under ERMA. With a total of 235 guests and participants present, attendees were able to hear from subject matter experts on Occupational Safety & Health, and Fire Awareness and Prevention.

Erma_1 (1)

Infrastructure is one of the top priorities of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Administration with public spending on infrastructure projects targeted to reach 8-9 trillion pesos from ‎2017-2022. An ambitious program that can be achieved if the work force and players involved in the quarrying, mining and construction supply chain are: physically and mentally fit, equipped to perform their tasks in a safe environment, and are professionally trained.

*For more of this developing story, watch this space.*

Photos/Story by Maria Paula Tolentino, SEM Scribe Publishing House

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