Manila delegation visits OLLI Bambu, explores food security initiatives

Coinciding with the Davao Investment Conference (DVO Icon) that happened from June 20-21 2019 at the SMX Convention Center, Davao City, Philippines, the OLLI Consulting Group’s Manila delegation made a pit stop to OLLI’s Bamboo nursery located at Baracatan, Toril Davao City.

Aptly called OLLI Bambu, the delegation composed of consultants Stephen Araneta, Jose Camus, Principal Atty. Leo Dominguez together with Davao-based OLLI Consultant, Joseph Castillo, popularly known as Joe Green, explored the OLLI bamboo nursery and discussed the potential of social-enterprise.  

“Finally after 3 yrs, our bamboo nursery is up and operational! We can now cater to bamboo seedling orders for bamboo farming purposes! We have kayali, giant, tiger and laak varieties available and can deliver in 2 months time. We only grow seedlings when an order is made and a downpayment is deposited. Bamboo ornamentals are soon to follow!” posts Joe on his Facebook page.

OLLI Bambu - SEM Scribe Publishing House p2
Featured in the photo (extreme left) is Davao-based OLLI consultant Joseph Castillo, aka Joe Green, who tends to the OLLI Bambu nursery

Heavily involved in community development, Joe was featured by the foreign media thanks to his ocean-cleanup drive and recently awarded by the City of Davao for his Joe Green projects. “Rivers are the arteries that flows out to our oceans. What we throw out in our rivers, soon ends up in our oceans. If we keep our rivers clean, we keep our race alive.”

Another passion for this Green Warrior is agriculture, particularly the welfare of the farmers. Joe walked his fellow consultants on his livelihood activities “Our farmers should be considered national treasures. They play a major role in national security. Food security is crucial in keeping our country stable. Without farmers who produce our food, it will be chaos. To help them, I’ve decided to buy their products at a premium price so they get maximum profit. They don’t need to pay for the logistics in transporting their produce to the city, and most importantly, the middleman is taken out.” says Joe.

OLLI Bambu - SEM Scribe Publishing House p1 (2)
In photo: OLLI Consulting Group’s Manila Delegation visits bamboo nursery, OLLI Bambu at Baracatan, Toril Davao City. Standing next to the OLLI Bambu signage from left to right are consultants Stephen Araneta, Jose Camus and OLLI Principal, Atty. Leo Dominguez.

Previously at Davao Icon, the OLLI Manila delegation made a courtesy visit to Singapore Ambassador Gerard Ho Wei Hong. The Ambassador mentioned that Singapore is working to import agricultural products from Mindanao with the objective of diversifying their country’s food sources. Though the initial challenge identified, on top of passing the strict food regulations of their country, was the logistics needed to export the products to Singapore. 

Currently, the OLLI Consulting Group is spearheading the “Bamboo Initiative” in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the mining sector to help rehabilitate and revegate mine sites. A technical working group is presently being assembled. Under the OLLI Consulting Group Inc., OLLI Bambu is the first step of many that seeks to address the socio-economic gap in livelihood, food security and climate change. 

Maria Paula Tolentino is the Chief Content Officer of SEM Scribe Publishing House, a boutique digital communications agency. She is also the Vice-President for Mining group Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc. and a Consultant for the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc. For more information, she may be reached at the following:,, and


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