OLLI Bambu supports university architecture project

Article by Maria Paula Tolentino with context & photos provided by Joseph ‘Joe Green’ Castillo 

As a result of globalization and constant technological advancements, it is imperative for the academe and the industry to enhance the diffusion of knowledge, increase research and development, patent innovations that help build the country’s organizational capacity. One such school is none other than the country’s national university, University of the Philippines. 

A planting demonstration at the UP Arki Proposed Bamboo Forest together with OLLI Bambu, an affiliate of the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc.

On June 11, 2019, Tuesday, OLLI Bambu under flagship organization the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc., shipped out 10 Guadua bamboo seedlings to Architect Mary Ann A. Espina, Associate Professor and Architect of Record for UP College of Architecture Building. These seedlings were immediately received the following day, June 12 Wednesday.

Consequently, on June 14, 2019, Friday, a ceremonial planting of these seedlings was conducted at  the new parking lot near the new building of the UP College of Architecture, a symbolic activity showing OLLI’s support for Espina’s project for the school.

Academe volunteers together with Joe Green start with the bamboo planting ceremony.

UP Arki & OLLI Bambu

Forget steel and concrete. The building material of choice for the 21st century might just be bamboo. According to OLLI Consultant Joseph ‘Joe Green’ Castillo, Architect Espina aims to fill up the open spaces in the parking lot with the Guadua bamboo variety. The rationale behind choosing this specific species was due to its robust characteristics. This variety is used not only as a construction material and for interior design, but this grass can withstand earthquakes!  

Underneath this life-sized bamboo architectural design is Davao-based OLLI Consultant, Joseph ‘Joe Green’ Castillo with Associate Professor and Architect of Record for UP College of Architecture Building, Architect Mary Ann A. Espina.

A piece of knowledge that may give architecture students the insight, and likely lead to further research and development, on other viable alternatives other than steel and concrete when using construction and building materials.

The OLLI Consulting Group, Inc., a strong proponent of the grass, has been leading the discussion together with the Department of Energy & Natural Resources (DENR), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Mining Industry to help rehabilitate and revegetate the mines using bamboo. While supporting Architect Espina’s project for UP,  OLLI may just reach the next generation of architecture, design and construction professionals on considering bamboo as a greener, better and cheaper alternative.

Maria Paula Tolentino is the Chief Content Officer of SEM Scribe Publishing House, a boutique digital communications agency. She is also the Vice-President for Mining group Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc. and a Consultant for the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc. For more information, she may be reached at the following: semscribe@gmail.com, paula.tolentino@olli.ph, and www.semscribepublishing.com

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