OLLI meets with Pakistan’s Special Envoy, trade mission plans for 2020 in the pipeline

Article  by Maria Paula Tolentino 

With context and photos provided by Stephen Araneta

28 November 2019, Thursday, Manila – The OLLI Consulting Group Inc. President Atty. Leo Dominguez and Government-Industry Alignment Consultant Stephen Araneta met with key members of the Pakistani trade mission led by Pakistan’s special envoy, Mr. Ali Jehangir Siddiqui. 

Siddiqui has made a name for himself both as an entrepreneur and diplomat. He is an experienced businessman who helped set up various companies such as Airblue, the second largest airline in Pakistan; Arabian Gulf Steel, a steel producer in the UAE; Jura Energy, a Canadian oil and gas company; and RAK Ghani Glass, the largest pharmaceutical glass producer in the UAE and GCC countries. He also served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States in 2018 and is currently serving as Pakistan’s Ambassador for Foreign Investment in an Honorary Capacity. At just 42 years old, this man continues to champion his country as an investment destination and is keen to tap the Philippine market.  

The OLLI Consulting Group together with the Chairman of AG&P and Country Chairman of OceanaGold Philippines Inc., Jose Leviste Jr. had the rare privilege of talking economic diplomacy with Siddiqui and his colleagues: Ahmed M Saeed, ADB Vice President; Werner Liepach, ADB Director General, Central and West Asia Department; and Shahid Mahmood, ADB Alternate Executive Director. 

The meeting covered key industries in Pakistan: Agriculture, Power, Mining, Franchising & Retail and Pakistan’s interest to invest in the Philippines


According to Siddiqui, Pakistan’s main crops are rice and wheat and grows apples, apricots, oranges and a wide variety of mangoes. However the industry experiences 30%-40% in losses due to the lack of technology in processing and supply chain management. Pakistan is currently looking for Philippine companies to invest and address these concerns. 


Siddiqui says there is much opportunity for  renewable energy in Pakistan, especially for wind and solar. Pakistan also currently has Nuclear power and is setting up new plants near Karachi. However, distribution losses are high. They want to set up more power plants to be near the target consumers. As power resources become competitive, upfront tariff is being reduced over time. Pakistan is offering low debt-financing interest rates at 8%. Coal is also another power source and quite indigenous to Pakistan, though the quality is not that high. The country has 250B tons of coal reserve in total.


Pakistan is a country rich in reserves of Copper, Gold, Uranium and Zinc. Siddiqui says there are no restrictions to foreign ownership of land. Land tenure is generally structured under a leasehold or long-term lease arrangement, and as a requirement, the foreign company should be locally registered. Though the tax regime is unclear, Siddiqui mentioned that Barrick Gold winning an arbitration in the supreme court vs the Pakistan government is a good case study to look into.

Franchising / Retail

With a population of 220M, Siddiqui says that there is potential for snack food manufacturing and distribution. He cited that Frito Lay recently invested in Pakistan and that there are reputable families in Pakistan wanting to enter the franchising business. 

Pakistan Investing in the Philippines

Siddiqui adds that Pakistan currently manufactures pharmaceutical glass and is looking for markets for this product. Dominguez mentioned that there is a huge market in the Philippines since the country is trying to lessen and eventually replace single use plastic. Glass could be that option. Dominguez brought up investment in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) also as an opportunity for Pakistani Investors to consider. Siddiqui mentioned that Philippine business tycoon Ricky Razon is an investor of Pakistan.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was decided that a Philippine trade delegation to Pakistan will be organized come February 2020.

Pakistan delegation_28 Nov 2019
Exploring business synergy with the Pakistani delegation. In photo (L-R clockwise) OLLI Consulting Group’s consultant for Government-Industry Alignment Stephen Araneta; OLLI President and Principal Atty. Leo Dominguez; AG&P Chairman and Country Chairman Oceana Gold Philippines, Inc. Jose Leviste, Jr.; ADB Alternate Executive Director Shahid Mahmood; Pakistani Special Envoy Ali Siddiqui, and ADB VP East Asia Dept., Southeast Asia Dept. and Pacific Dept. Ahmed M. Saeed. Not in photo but who was earlier in the meeting was ADB Director General Central and West Asia Dept. Werner Liepach.


Maria Paula Tolentino is the Chief Content Officer of SEM Scribe Publishing House. A certified Safety Officer, she is an advocate of inclusive business, responsible mining, quarrying and mineral extractive practices with clear focus on the quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and purpose). She is also the Vice President for Programs under women-mining NGO, Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc. and a Consultant for the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc.

For questions, she can be reached at:

LinkedInMiss Tolentino
Emailpaula@semscribepublishing.com ; semscribe@gmail.com ; paula.tolentino@olli.ph
WebsiteSEM Scribe Publishing House

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