SEM Scribe joins Women Who Tech Challenge in Paris, France, Cyprio wins grand prize

Supported by the Office of the Mayor of Paris, JLABS, and Techstars, ten of the best early stage women-led health tech startups pitched their startups on 7 October at Hotel de Ville Paris, France for this year’s Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech.

These 10 finalists are some of the biggest innovators working to solve global health problems. Here’s a quick recap of the finalists. If interested in learning more about any of the startups, please get in touch with Women Who Tech.

Arthonica (London, England) has created a SaaS platform that allows people to remotely diagnose arthritis through the use of laptop/smartphone cameras combined with AI-powered software.

Blazar (Paris, France) helps oncologists and researchers predict patient responses to specific cancer immunotherapy treatments through its AI-driven software platform.

Cardiomo (NYC, United States) has developed a wearable device and analytic system, underpinned by biosensors and AI, to monitor patient vitals remotely and provide life-saving alerts.

Cyprio (Paris, France) developed a breakthrough in tissue engineering allowing the fabrication of 3D micro-tissues of human organs as a more representative and predictive research tool for drug efficacy and toxicity screening, fundamental research and, ultimately, in cell therapy.

Eva (London, England) offers a health app that combines behavioral science, symptom tracking and personalized health insights to help people manage the effects of menopause.

FORTË (NYC, United States) is a technology and subscription-based streaming platform that offers access to boutique fitness studio classes run by leading health and fitness experts.

Luma Womb (Paris, France) has designed a medical device that uses a process called photobiomodulation to regenerate thin uterine lining, with the aim of increasing fertility.
Meds²Go (Noordwijk, the Netherlands) develops cooling containers for people who rely on temperature-sensitive medicines. They extend travel time and measure temperature, giving people the freedom and security to travel.

uFraction8 (Falkirk, Scotland) provides bio-manufacturers growing biological cells with novel filters to harvest cells in a more sustainable and scalable manner.

Wellola (Dublin, Ireland) is a white-label SaaS platform that enables clinics to communicate with patients securely. It offers features such as built-in messaging systems and online payment processing.

Cyprio wins grand prize, uFraction8 wins Audience Choice Award

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Huge congrats to Cyprio who won the $50K Grand Prize. And big congratulations to uFraction8 who won the Audience Choice Award. They will receive complimentary access to all of JLABS programming for one year.

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The esteemed jury include Sarah Fisher, Senior Director of Global Markets and External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris, Eamonn Carey, Managing Director of Techstars London, and Anne Horan, Partner, Advent France Biotechnology.

Celebration commenced right after the event with a private networking reception featuring catered hors d’oeuvres and wine from the best chefs in Paris.  Partners for Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech include the following:  Office of the Mayor of Paris, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS, Craig Newamrk Philanthropies, Pineapple Fund, Rad Campaign, Google, Donna Griffit Corporate Storyteller, iPEPS, Women of Wearables, 50inTech, StartHer, Spool, and V3B Marketing.

A big thanks to Allyson and Justyn of Women Who Tech who welcomed SEM Scribe Publishing House into the community.


Maria Paula Tolentino is the Chief Content Officer of SEM Scribe Publishing House. A certified Safety Officer, she is an advocate of inclusive business, responsible mining, quarrying and mineral extractive practices with clear focus on the quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and purpose). She is also the Vice President for Programs under women-mining NGO, Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc. and a Consultant for the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc.

For questions, she can be reached at:

LinkedInMiss Tolentino ; ;
WebsiteSEM Scribe Publishing House

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