DTI’s Branding Series feat. Youth Entrepreneurs

Branding doesn’t mean showcasing yourself as something you’re not. Instead, it is used to sincerely (and strategically) project your authentic self to clients and customers.  In the same way, your personal brand should tell your audience about your skills, achievements, beliefs, and values.

Note that personal branding and business branding aren’t the same things.

A business brand is built around how you want your business to be identified and differentiated from other businesses. A personal brand, on the other hand, is built around how you want others to identify you – your lifestyle, values, personality, and interests. 

SEM Scribe Publishing’s Official Video Entry for DTI’s Branding Series
A video recording of the actual presentation for DTI’s Personal Branding for Businesses.
That’s a wrap! A thank you to those who helped make the first series a success. Name call and invitation to attend the succeeding series.

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