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OLLI Bambu supports university architecture project

Forget steel and concrete. The building material of choice for the 21st century might just be bamboo. On June 11, 2019, Tuesday, OLLI Bambu under flagship organization the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc., shipped out 10 Guadua bamboo seedlings to Architect Mary Ann A. Espina, Associate Professor and Architect of Record for UP College of Architecture Building, via Air cargo. Consequently, on June 14, 2019, Friday, a ceremonial planting of these seedlings was conducted at  the new parking lot near the new building of the UP College of Architecture. 

One Life, Lead It! #OLLI #OLLIBambu

OLLI Cares spearheads the Bamboo Initiative

“Aptly called the Bamboo Initiative, this endeavor seeks to create a synergy between the government and the private sector on how to effectively harness the power and potential of this grass for the revegetation and rehabilitation of mine sites across the country” says Dominguez.

“This initiative aims to fill in the missing gap on how mining companies can effectively answer our President’s demand for a ‘responsible’ mining industry. The conversation is just starting but the interest for this grass is growing. Bamboo can dynamically change the conversation both on a socio-economic and environmental level not only for our mines but for those affected by the mines” adds Dominguez.