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Diwata wraps up third module of the Financial Literacy Series, considers MOA renewal

Financial literacy, once learned, can develop a person’s capability to manage money well and achieve personal financial goals faster. On May 24, 2019, Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc., in partnership with FWD Insurance Philippines, wrapped up the third leg of the financial literacy series for the “Solar Lola” Engineers and their respective Aeta communities, at Diwata’s room in Clark Development Corporation, Pampanga.

Partnerships were, and still are, key in the Solar Lola Project – DIWATA

Diwata Women in Resource Development, Inc., representative Gia Veloso gives a run-down of the Tanging Tanglaw (Solar Lola) project at the Philippine Mining Luncheon on 09 June 2017.

Veloso articulates the significance of partnerships that led to the success of the project from its alliance with the LGUs to its friendship with the Embassies of India and Australia. Currently, the Diwata group is eyeing to replicate the project in other parts of the country. With key partners, this vision will eventually become a reality.