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An open invitation to entreps : Is digital transformation possible beyond tech?

Is digital transformation possible beyond the use of technology? How are businesses, particularly SMEs and MSMEs, utilizing digital transformation? We would love to include your actual business journey on the hot topic of digital transformation here at SEM Scribe Publishing. – Paula Tolentino

Stepping into the New Economy post COVID-19

The COVID19 plague has accelerated 10 key tech trends which include but is not limited to digital payments, telehealth and robotics. Technology has also been instrumental in reducing the spread of the virus while helping businesses stay open. Helping societies stay resilient in the current pandemic, technology will most likely augment any impact or threat that may happen in the future, that is if we are to learn from our mistakes.

Because of COVID-19, what started as “Nice to Have”, has now transitioned to “Must Have”. The technological trends we see are the following.

SEM Scribe joins Women Who Tech Challenge in Paris, France, Cyprio wins grand prize

Supported by the Office of the Mayor of Paris, JLABS, and Techstars, ten of the best early stage women-led health tech startups pitched their startups on 7 October at Hotel de Ville Paris, France for this year’s Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech. These 10 finalists are some of the biggest innovators working to solve global health problems. Here’s a quick recap of the finalists.